Blockade 3D Edit

Blockade 3D is an FPS (First Person Shooter), with elements similar to Minecraft created by Shumkov Dimitry.

There are several game modes (Capture, Survival, ...) on three locations of servers : USA, Russia and Europe. There are also many different skins, weapons, armors, and more to buy in the shop or to unlock by reaching levels.


As a typical FPS your purpose is to beat the enemy team following the objectives of the game mode. For this you'll need to use the weapons and items of your inventory and the vehicles you get (in Tank mode only).

Like in Minecraft, you can place blocks down from your inventory (blocks from your inventory are limited) and destroy them.

XP SystemEdit

Each kill provides 5 XP to player and 0.25 XP to the clan. If you get enough XP you will get the next level. At level 2 you get an axe. At level 3 you get a gun named FN57. At level 4 you get machine gun called TMP. At level 6 you get popular AK-47. At level 10 you get sniper rifle : SVD. And as the last one, you'll get a fast-fire rifle similar to AK-47, named RPK.